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Wooden Fire Truck Puzzle Baby nursery decor by berkshirebowls

Lovely decorative item for a baby nursery or am educational toy for a child over 3. This fire truck puzzle makes the perfect nursery art for a baby\'s room and it can be used as an educational toy for your child as they grow. Some pieces of the fire truck puzzle are unsuitable for children under 3 due to the size of the pieces. The puzzle makes a fantastic decoration for a baby nursery and when old enough a beautiful educational toy for toddlers. This charming fire truck puzzle is made from 3/4" hardwood plywood and painted with acylic paints. This fire truck puzzle is finished with non-toxic shallac. The fire engine puzzle has 14 pieces and measures 9 inches long and 5 inches high. The beauty of this fire truck puzzle is that it may be used as room decoration when completed. The fire engine is free standing when done, making it the perfect addition to any childs room.

USD 29.99