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May 15, 2013 . COMMENTS (0)
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Without a doubt, one of the most fun events of having a baby is the baby shower! Great times with good friends and family, yummy food and receiving all kinds of gifts for when your little one makes his or her grand entrance into the world! There are so many baby products and gadgets out there on the market today, that it can make shopping for a baby shower a little tough! So what are some of the best baby shower gifts out there?


February 11, 2013 . COMMENTS (0)
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If there is one thing that is purely inevitable when you have a child, it is most certainly a mess. From spaghetti masterpieces to the abstract crayon art that adorns your walls from time to time, messes can be the norm when you have a child. Today we share with you the how-to's of cleaning up some of your little one's biggest messes!


April 12, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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We moved to Hawaii a couple of months ago and as you can guess my 2 year old daughter spends a lot of time by the pool. As most of you know a floatation device is a must for kids her age, so I ran to the store and bought the first one I saw thinking they all have to be the same, right? Well they are not. The first one I bought had a zipper in front and every time she was in the water the zipper would go in her face making it basically impossible for her to enjoy swimming.  It wa…


February 22, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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I used to spend quite a bit of money on face creams and scrubs before I became a stay at home Mom. Now I just can’t justify the cost and I love to save when I can. I have seen quite a few of these make your own beauty scrub recipes around lately and I wanted to try one and see how they worked. And imagine what a great gift these would make once you find one you love. Do you have a favorite DIY beauty product that you use? Tell us about it on our Facebook page!  


February 06, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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One of my goals every year is to get more organized. Since I have had my daughter I find it is even more beneficial to be as organized as possible. Whether it is her toys, the junk drawer or the linen closet it seems there is always room for some more order. I have found some great organizing ideas for a range of things, that if you can find the time to implement will probably make your life a little less chaotic. Maybe. If you have some great organization ideas share them with us …