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May 08, 2013 . COMMENTS (0)
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We have uncovered 20 AMAZING DIYs , so be sure to check out our newest quick click slideshow today! Happy Crafting!  ------------------------------------------------------------------


February 23, 2013 . COMMENTS (0)
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It may not be summer yet, but today's article is all about a certain pool toy. Loved equally by children and adults everywhere, the pool noodle is a staple in every pool during the summer. It can be used for games, or even just floating around on. But did you know that it has a multitude of uses outside of the pool? We've found some of the most awesome and ingenious uses for the pool noodle! …


August 30, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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We have uncovered nine ADORABLE DIY Skirts for Girls, so be sure to check out our newest quick click slideshow today! Happy Sewing!   If you have an Etsy st…


August 19, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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Whether it is a makeshift fort in the living room made of bed sheets or a secret corner or closet somewhere in the house, kids LOVE hiding and playing in their very own spaces. You can spend hundreds on these playhouses or forts but we have found some amazing DIY playhouse options that kids of all ages will love. I have so many memories as a child with my sisters playing in the wooden playhouse my dad constructed for us. We spent countless hours playing house in the backyard. And I…


July 20, 2012 . COMMENTS (0)
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Looking for some creative ways to start teaching your toddler some letter skills? Check out these simple and genius ways to get your toddler interested in her ABC's! If you have an Etsy store, boutique, invention or business and would like to be featured on our websi…