May 07, 2011

Flying Safely With Your Kids

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You wouldn’t think of leaving on a flight with your toddler without having your child properly restrained in their car seat. This is a testament to how much you love your children because while car seats safely and comfortably restrain your child they are also a big pain. When you have all your luggage, your child’s luggage, and your child himself to haul to the terminal a car seat is a heavy burden to bear.  One company has tried to ease your traveling woes:CARES stands for Child Aviation REstraint System and is the only FAA approved child safety harness.

The CARES restraint harness is small and light enough to fit in your purse giving you the option of checking the car seat. It installs directly to your seat by opening the tray behind the seat placing the belt at a height just above your child’s shoulders. You then tighten the strap and buckle the harness over your child’s chest and you’re done!

I would highly recommend watching this video before you book your next flight with your baby.
For more information on safety travel with your baby visit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website

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