May 07, 2011

Fun iPhone Apps for Your Toddlers

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One of the greatest things about being an iPhone user is the ability to avoid nearly any tantrum right at your fingertips. Although you wouldn’t dream of letting your kids veg on your phone all day, you have to admit it is nice to have a distraction on long car trips or doctor visits.  If you’re not big on handing your preschooler your iPhone and letting them go to town on Angry Birds you may just fall in love with our fancy new list. Below we have a great selection of neat little iPhone apps that are both fun and educational. These apps are guaranteed to allow you to sidestep a fuss without causing parental guilt.

Peekabo Barn -Created specifically for toddlers; Peekabo Barn is a well thought out but simple app that your child can maneuver through themselves. Once the app has started, a big red barn starts to shake while a hidden animal starts to moo, quack, meow etc. Your toddler than presses on the barn doors and reveals the animal. A child’s voice will say the animal’s name then the name will appear in the top right corner of the barn. Young toddlers will like figuring out which animals make what sound while older toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy learning to spell the animal’s name. The app also has a Spanish mode so your child can learn the animals in both languages.

Elias Zoo Another fun animal app for toddlers! The Elias Zoo animal cards are expertly animated to attract your child’s attention. Like Peekaboo Barn, Elias Zoo aims to teach young children the names and faces of different animals. The Zoo cards can be sifted through in one long line and then shaken to randomize the order. This is a really fun one for toddlers, although many parents claim their preschoolers enjoy it as well.

Itsy Bitsy Spider This adorable app created after the nursery rhyme is cleverly made to allow your child to interact with every aspect of the page. They can play peek-a-boo with a frog; help a caterpillar become a butterfly, and much more. Children follow the spider from page to page to explore the different activities such as collecting eggs, creating songs, or even just listening to classical music. The illustrations on this app are incredible-very colorful and fun. This is a definite must have for your preschooler.

Since you are brave enough to allow your child to play with your iPhone, don’t forget to protect it with the iPhone Woogie—a completely kid friendly stuffed toy that keeps your iPhone safely protected from your toddlers.


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