July 31, 2013

Fun Toys For Fantastic Kids

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The toy industry is an ever changing one. New toys come, and old ones go. Sometimes toys even stand the test of time and last throughout the years. But then there are those exceptional toys that come along, providing happiness, joy and countless hours of fun. We're sharing some of our favorite toys that we think you'll enjoy too! They're pretty awesome and tons of fun!
Maxi Sofa Rabbit Zen
Maxi Sofa Rabbit Zen, cool baby toys
Let's face it. Most furniture in this world is made with adults in mind. It can be hard for tiny arms and legs to climb up onto our sofas and chairs, not to mention, at times it can be hazardous, too. Enter the Maxi Sofa: Rabbit Zen. Created with your tiny tots in mind, this perfectly sized comfy couch from Giggles.com features a cushy bean bag seat, a plushy rabbit buddy for resting their backs against, and armrests. This beautiful bunny chair is even lightweight, making it easy to move whenever your little one does!

Digginactive Boxset Airplanes

airplane toys, kids toys, boys toys

There is something amazing about simplistic and uncomplicated toys. This airplane boxset from Digginactive is just the toy for your imaginative little one. Tons of fun, and no mess to clean up, your child can simply open up the boxset, and everything folds out for hours of pretending and playing. The box is even easy to store when playtime is over!

Toddler Rocket Zoomer

Toddler Rocket zoomer, fun toddler toys, cool toddler toys

What little one doesn't like to launch something into the air? This “stomp-rocket” is the perfect way to get your little ones outside and even exercising! By stomping their foot on the red bubble attached to the rocket, they will send it soaring into the sky! Let's face it, this is even a fun toy for the parents to get in on and have some great times with!

Create-A-Road Tape with Car Playset

So, you have a little dilemma; your tot has all those toy cars everywhere, but no place to drive them! Create-A-Road tape is the product that will pave roads that will take your child's imagination to new heights! Your child can create a road in their favorite playroom, outdoors, anyplace you can think of! The tape even comes with a car...to add to  your child's ever growing collection!

PlanToys Tree House

PlanToys Tree House, cool toys for kids

Sure, there are dollhouses and toy garages, but how about a tree house? This beautifully created PlanToys tree house is created from sustainable non-toxic materials such as organic rubber-wood, making it environmentally friendly and kid tough, too! Your children will enjoy playing with this tree-house with their favorite dolls and toys!

All Lovely Stuff Bear Face Mirror

cool baby toys, bear face mirror, nurcery

Encourage self-discovery and boost self-esteem with this adorably sweet mirror, shaped just like the head of a teddy bear! Your little darling will love having this mirror in her room, so she can play pretend and dress up in front of it for hours! With it's craftsmanship and beauty, this will be one piece you'll want to keep around for years to come!

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