August 11, 2013

Real Mom Reviews: The Peachy Cheeks Baby Changing Pad

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When you have a baby, our lives are turned upside down, and we are constantly and always on the go with out little ones! Now, there are plenty of items out there to help out “the modern mom,” and are created to help make our lives a little bit easier. Items for feeding, nursing, bathing, playing and of course, changing. When it comes to changing your child, every parent wishes they had more hands, or at the very least, a great item to help them out while they are changing their children.

Sure, we have the standard changing table, but with all those toys, diaper bags, cribs and stuffed animals, where are we going to put one?! That, and if you have a two or three story home, it's rather a bit of a hassle to be running up and down stairs every time a diaper needs to be changed, not to mention expensive to put one on every floor of your home!

So, is there a solution to this diapering dilemma? Enter the Peachy Cheeks Baby Changing Pad! This one of a kind revolutionary product is intended to help make changing time a little easier on both parent and baby!

More Comfort and Less Worries
This incredible changing pad is 28” by 17”, exactly the same size of a standard changing table, making it suitable for changing children up to two years of age! Not only that, but their changing pads are created with polyurethane laminated fabric, much like what most cloth diapers of today are also created with, making it totally and completely waterproof and leak proof, so you won't be surprised by any stray leaks, making this the changing pad that you really can use anywhere! I know with my child, who is absolutely full of energy, and never stops moving (including during diaper changes,) the waterproofing is something that I love about this changing pad.

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As a mom, I am always concerned about the comfort of my child, especially when I am changing him, because many of the changing tables, and pads that are around, aren't very comfortable. They don't have much cushion, and if I'm changing my child on a hard surface, I don't really want him to hit his head on the floor. But with this changing pad, it actually has a 7 inch cushion, making the whole diapering experience a little more comfortable on him, and a little less worrisome for me.


As parents, we are constantly on the go, whether it is heading to the grocery store, taking our other children to school, games, to the park, or anywhere else, and many times we're toting around that bulky diaper bag. Not anymore, those days are over! This is my absolute favorite thing about the Peachy Cheeks Baby changing pad; its portability! As a mom who is on the go more often than not, the thing that I have enjoyed the most is that I can take it anywhere we go! The fact that we can fold it right up and grab the convenient carrying handle after we're done, means that it also fits in small spaces without any bulk!

Sleek & Stylish

I may have a little boy, but I absolutely love patterns and styles! These changing pads most certainly have those! With
completely waterproof collections, there is something to suit everyone's taste! I'm also loving the fact that it can be personalized with my child's name! Even if your child is past the diapering stage, I think that this would make one awesome baby shower gift for a friend or a family member!

I believe, without a doubt that Peachy Cheeks Baby Changing Pad is actually one of the best changing pads that I've come across in my time as a mom. Others sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa. With these, you get the whole package. You can peruse their website to check out all of their styles, and make sure to take a peek at their nap mats, too!

By Jennifer Corter
Baby Model: Olivia Roundy

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