May 07, 2011

Lou's Shoes-100% Leather Handcrafted Baby Shoes

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When it comes to baby shoes, hard soles just don’t make a lot of sense. Little growing feet need room to maneuver and walking toddlers need a way to grip the ground for balance. In our search for soft soled shoes for baby’s and toddlers, we stumbled upon Lou’s Shoes—an up and coming cottage shoe business based in New Zealand.(don't worry shipping to USA is only$5.70!) Here, Lou herself works leather into beautifully flexible baby shoes with spunky style. Lucky you stopped by today because Mom’s Shopping Engine users receive a 10% discount! Just enter the promo code Ls5367

1.Baby Mowgli—These fun boots will keep your son or daughter’s toes toasty warm! Designed in a unisex chocolate brown suede and possum fur combo, they are made to both withstand frigid temperatures and keep your little one’s feet dry. The Mowgli boots are comfortably soft both inside and outside the boot.

2.Baby Gaiters—How cute are these little boots? Channeling vintage women’s fashion these 3 button booties give your daughter a little bit of classy sass. Made from soft calf hide leather with double stitched non-slip suede soles (say that three times!) 3 simple buttons hide an easy Velcro closure.

3.Cheetah Penny Loafer—Inspired by rockabilly legend Elvis, these Joe-Cool cheetah penny loafers are a hit with gentlemen and ladies alike. They are created with 100% white leather with an elasticized ankle for sizing comfort.

4.Baby Bow—If you need something simple but dressy, these bow booties are the way to go. Made from a white leather with an elasticized ankle and a single red bow adding a sweet touch. Non slip suede soles.

5.Brogue—These navy and white wing tipped booties have more of that 50’s flavor. Available in several different color combinations these unisex booties can be made in sizes newborn up to 24 months.

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by Jodi Barnett

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