May 18, 2013

Creative Cards For Mom

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Life can get a bit busy, and it may be hard to get to the store to grab a card for Mother's Day. Even then, all of the cards that we are constantly seeing in the store get rather generic all of the time. This year, why not make mom a beautiful handmade card that comes from your heart? You can put any message you want in them, and she'll cherish them forever and always! Check out some of the neat handmade DIY cards that we found! There are even some wonderful ones that you can do with the kids, that they can give to their grandmother's, too!

Mother's Day Card and Canvas
mothers Day DIY cards, MOthers day kids

These are quite possibly the most adorable cards, ever. The butterfly's wings are traced from your children's little hands. This sweet little card was found at Our Daily Obsessions, and this card would make something grandma's will not soon forget! You can even get creative and stick a magnet on the back of the butterfly, so that they can hang it up on their fridge, and cherish it forever!
Card Hands Heart

mothers Day DIY cards, MOthers day kids

These sweet little cards from over at are too sweet! Again, these are made by tracing your children's hands, but in doing so, the end result is two tiny hands that form a beautiful heart! Your little one's can show lots of love when they create this card!
Bug Lover Cards
This beautiful 3-D card was found over at Buglvr's Blogspot, and we think this is just super adorable, and ultra chic at the same time! Created with a Cricut MS Elegant Cake cartridge, scrap-booking paper, a doily and some hemp cord, this card is fun and easy to make. But get creative if you want! Have fun, and you'll create a card for your mom that will make her smile every time that she looks at it!
Mother's Day Free Printable Poster/Card Design

mothers Day DIY cards, MOthers day kids

Highly reminiscent of those old-school vintage posters of days gone by, this awesome free printable poster from A Profitable Life has a wonderful sentiment adorned on the front of it. Don't feel like giving it to mom as a poster? You can quickly and easily turn this into a card on your computer with a few simple clicks of a mouse! The best part is that you can choose from quite a few different color options when printing this out, so you can even print it out in mom's favorite color!
Dear Mother Printable Card

mothers Day DIY cards, MOthers day kids

This next card is also a free printable, coming to us this time from Babalisme! This card is so beautiful and demure, that it can be wonderful for both children and adults to give to their momma's! With it's beautiful color scheme and elegant design, this is one card that is sure to be treasured for years to come!

Bouquet of Photo Flowers

mothers Day DIY cards, MOthers day kids

These sweet little flowers will make a beautiful keepsake that can be shown and shared for years to come! This card craft comes to us from These truly are the bouquet of flowers that will never wilt, fade or die! Make this gift ultra special and put these “flowers” in a special little vase and present them to mom on her super special day!

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