May 08, 2013

Splashy Summertime Games

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Now that spring's here, it's time for some super fun games that you can play with the family! Don't sit around and be bored, get off the couch and get outside and try out these neat games!
If it's an excessively hot day, don't stay inside in front of the air conditioner (even though that sounds really tempting,) grab some water balloons, slip on your swimsuits, and play water balloon pinata! This awesome game, courtesy of the Scrap Happy Heather blog is fun and cool! Fill the balloons up with lots of water, give the players a stick to whack the balloon with, and enjoy the fun that ensues!

If you're looking for a fun decoration for a children's party, you're going to love this adorable balloon wreath from 36th Avenue Blog! But the best thing about this decoration is that it isn't simply a wreath! It's a fun party game, too! The children are going love popping these balloons to find out what prize is inside of them! Find all the directions to make this wreath, as well as the rules of the game over at 36th Avenue's blog!

When it rains, the one thing children always want to do is to jump in the puddles! But on a hot summer's day with no rain in sight, how do you jump in a puddle? With the backyard puddle jumping game, of course! This game comes to us from Spoonful's blog, and it's a simple and fun way to cool off when the sun is shining on a hot summer day!

Another awesome addition from the Spoonful blog is the splash and score game! Quite similar to the concept of hitting a baseball with a bat, this game uses bats and water balloons instead! Children can easily test their aim and cool off at the same time in this fun summertime game that is sure to become a favorite for years to come!
There is something that appeals to the child in every adult, and that is bubbles! Children love them, too. So it's no wonder why children from all over are enjoying this awesome human bubble game that we found over at the One Charming Party blog! By creating a bubble solution in a baby pool and using a hula-hoop, you can create giant bubbles, even one's that a child can fit in! Kids will adore being in their own little “bubbles!”

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