March 19, 2013

The Monday Market Cool Baby Products

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It's Monday again, and that means the Monday Market! All of the latest, greatest and innovative products created by parents just like you and I! This week, we've found some really awesome products that we think you're going to love!
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If there is one thing as parents that we all worry about when we have children, it is the germs that they can pick up when they are out at a restaurant with us. You can never be too careful, after all. These awesome disposable place mats make mealtime fun and safe for your tot! Your children will have a ball coloring in the pictures, and you'll feel a lot safer knowing that your child will be eating off of a clean surface! Everybody wins!

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When we have a baby, one troublesome little item is always getting away, whether it is being tossed, dropped, or taken away by a sibling. The pacifier always seems to have a way of escaping us! With a WubbaNub, you'll always be able to locate it if it's dropped underneath the crib, and it won't be able to get under any crevices! With it's adorable design, it combines functionality with fun! Your child will adore the plush attached to the pacifier, and you'll no longer have to hunt for the pacifier anymore!

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Potty training can be such a fun and exciting time in your little one's life! But one issue that seems to arise quite often is the fact that your tiny tot's legs don't reach the floor when they are sitting on the potty! The Little Looster is a step system that allows your little one to climb safely onto the toilet, and provides a place to rest their tired tootsies while they are using the toilet. The step stool even features raised letters so your child will not slip! This product makes potty training a breeze!

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When your little one is learning how to hold a bottle, it can be a little tough. After all, there isn't much to grip on the bottles out there on the market today. The Ba Baby Bottle Holder was the brainchild of a rock and roll dad who wanted to help his infant daughter hold her bottle. He wanted to create something that was easy for her tiny little hands to grasp, and that was when the Ba Bottle Holder was born! Created with 100% FDA approved food grade silicone, BPA, Pthalate, Lead and PVC free, this awesome bottle holder will fit all brands of wide bottles, too!

There is one situation that no parent ever wants to think about, and that is the possibility of losing track of your child. Whether they wander off in a store or in an amusement park, it is a possibility that can happen. But it is best to be prepared should these situations ever arise. SafetyTat makes that possible. Combining the fun of temporary tattoos and the functionality of information, this product is a must have for any parent of a young child. SafetyTat's website even features a tattoo builder, so that you can make it fun and have your child help you choose what designs they want on their tattoos!
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