March 16, 2013

Beautiful Bunny Crafts

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This week we've been featuring some of our favorite products, recipes and more , paying homage to that special little guy with two ears and a fluffy tail, making his way down the bunny trail! Yesterday we shared with you some of the cutest Easter bunny eats and treats that you can make for your family and friends, and we've found even more bunnies! Below are some of the most adorable Easter bunny DIY crafts we found!

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When it comes to toting those Easter treats, you could tote them in a basket, or you could make these adorable little bunny treat pouches! We discovered this little gem over at Just Me, and they are a breeze to make! All it takes is a little fabric paint, some freezer paper for your template, and a muslin pouch! These are reusable and just too cute!

Easter crafts, Easter DIYs, Bunny DIYs, Easter kids, Bunny Crafts

During the lulls in between egg hunts and Easter meals, why not hand the little ones a few of these sweet little bunny puppets so they can put on their very own puppet show?  They are even simple enough to make with your child! What a heartfelt keepsake that would make! You can find all of the instructions on how to make them over at!

Buying decorations for each and every holiday can get pretty expensive, right? The alternative to that is to create your very own, and that's not only less expensive, but lots of fun, and heartfelt, too! This adorable bunny garland was found at Twig and Thistle, but with a little bit of imagination, and tons of paper and glue, you could go to town and make anything you want!


Dress up your dinner table this year with a festive Easter bunny table runner! With their sweet little silhouettes and their cute fluffy tails, everyone will be asking you where you found such a cute item! From Eclectically Vintage, they walk you through step by step how to put together this super festive and fun decoration!

Messes are inevitable when we have little ones, especially newborns and toddlers. But why bring along just any old bib you found at the department store? Get crafting and create a sweet little bunny bibs, like these from Happy Friends! With a little bit of ingenuity and imagination, you'll be making batches of bunny bibs in no time at all!

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