March 23, 2013

The Monday Market New and Exciting Products

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With the promise of spring comes new beginnings. In the spirit of new beginnings, there are some awesome new products on the rise out there, and we have scoured the internet high and low to find the best of the best new products for mom and baby and have brought them here to share with you!
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At one point or another in our lives, we've likely all experienced the sensation of nausea, which can also be called queasiness and an upset stomach, among other things. If it has become a chronic problem for you or your child, such as getting car-sick, or if you are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, then these drug free bands are an incredible new solution for keeping the queasiness at bay! Using acupressure, these bands wrap around the pressure points in your wrists, which are associated with nausea, and as it places pressure on those points, your nausea begins to subside! These awesome bands are FDA cleared for the relief of nausea due to travel sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia!

As a mom, we all wished that we could have an extra eight or ten hands. This is especially true when it is time to change a diaper. If you forget to grab one on the way to the changing table, it can be a hassle wrangling the clothes back on your child, try to find the diapers, what a task! This awesome diaper stacker and dispenser makes life so much easier!  You can simply grab a diaper and a wipe with one hand, and the best part about this organizer is that you can customize it to match your child's nursery or personality!

When you take your child out, especially to a restaurant, we are faced with 2 situations. We can either bring the huge bulky booster seat everywhere we go, or we can use the high chairs provided by the restaurants that have seen who-knows-how-many germs. A Parent Company created a very simplistic product, the traveling and compact chair! Their seats comply with ASTM standards, feature a five point harness and three sets of adjustable straps. After your child is finished using the chair, it folds down into its own carrying case and fits in tight spaces!

Let's face it, kids love playing, but they absolutely loathe cleaning up after they are finished. When we ask them to do it, we get their begrudging “Do I have to mom?” Finally, there is a product out there that has made cleanup a one step process! Swoop Bags make cleanup a breeze! When opened, the Swoop bag opens up to a play-mat, that your children can use to keep all of their little toys in, and when the time comes to put the toys away, with one pull of a drawstring, everything is picked up and stored in the bag! The Swoop Bag is truly a streamlined cleanup solution!

When us ladies are in the throes of labor, we can only imagine how we look, let alone how we feel. It can be hard to remember every little thing that you need to bring along to the hospital with you, like shampoo, washcloths, thank you cards, all that little stuff! Instead of frantically trying to remember everything during your last weeks of pregnancy, enjoy them instead! The Push Pack is filled with all of the things that mom needs without all of the stress of running every which way to find them and pack them!

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