March 09, 2013

Cool Baby Products

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Each week, we scour the internet and look high and low to find some of the best up and coming baby products to make both mom and baby's life just a little easier.

When it comes to feeding our little ones on the run, especially the way they can become picky when they hit a certain age, it can be a challenge to get their fruits and veggies in them so that they are getting the proper nutrition. Enter the Sili Squeeze. While this may look like a bottle, it definitely isn't one! This is a revolutionary new product that let's your child enjoy freshly pureed foods, yogurts, applesauce and much more while you're on the go! So you can get your errands done, and make sure the kids are fed. Check and check.
Stuffed animals are undoubtedly one of children's favorite toys. But lets think about it for a moment, how many truly unique stuffed animals are out there? Sure, there's that pink bunny or that green dog you bought last Christmas, but what if you could get your child an adorable stuffed replica of the family dog? While your little one may be too young yet to walk Spot down the street, they'll be over the moon to be just like mommy or daddy and take care of their own stuffed puppy! Created with luxurious Merino wool, these cute little puppies are super cuddle and one of a kind, just like your dog.
Bebe Bottle Sling Twin Pack

So many newborns and infants love their car seats. So much so, that they may be the only place where they will rest their little heads and slumber for a little while. If this is the case, then the Bebe Bottle Sling is an incredible product for you. These cute little slings are perfect for your baby and their budding independent streak, as it will teach your little one to hold the bottle. The bottle sling holds the bottle correctly to ensure the proper flow of formula/milk and thus prevents air from entering, which can hurt little tummies. It fits all infant car seat handles, and holds all bottle sizes and types. This would be an unexpected but welcomed gift for the new mom at her baby shower!

It is recommended that when your newborn is put to bed, that they sleep on their back as told by the American Academy of Pediatrics' “Back to Sleep” campaign launched in 1992, in order to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When little ones are put to sleep on their backs, their skulls are still malleable, and because of the hard nature of a crib mattress, this can cause plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. Infants should always sleep on their back, as this does reduce the risk of SIDS dramatically. An ingenious new product has been created to help with the problem of plagiocephaly. The Lifenest is a product that creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child using the simple properties of a hammock. The netting that is used creates a larger surface for their head to rest, thus redistributing the pressure away from soft spots.

Another great product to take on the go is the Squeez'Emz reusable food pouches that will hold a plethora of pureed foods. These are great for children of all ages, and not just toddlers! These pouches were designed for easy traveling in mind! Fill these up with your child's favorite pureed foods for a quick snack on the go!

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