March 03, 2013

Hot How-To's

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There is something about crafting that is just so calming! Whether you're a knitter, a beader, a painter or anything else, being creative opens a whole new world of possibilities! Children are creative in their own rights, too! This week we are taking a look at some of the neatest how-to projects we've found on the web!

When it comes to packing lunches, we usually put them in a lunchbox or just a plain brown paper sack. Not anymore, though! This awesome tutorial from The Gunny Sack shows us how to use our printers and print our favorite (or your child's favorite) graphics onto the brown paper bags! Your children will be dining in style in no time!

With the technology and all sorts of software out there today, it can be super fun to design graphics! But what can you do with them after you've finished them? You can make all kinds of projects if you print your custom graphics on fabrics! By checking out the tutorial over at Rustic Cottage Interiors, you can find out exactly how you can print on the fabric and from there, you can decide what to do with your freshly printed fabric! Maybe a pillow, or a sachet, perhaps?

So you're having a party soon? What kind of invitations are you planning on sending? Those boring old  paper invitations? Why not send something that goes along with the theme of your party? Maybe if you're having a beach themed party, send a shovel and a pail! You don't need a box, you can mail it as is! Anything that is less than 108” in combined length and girth, and weighs less than 13 ounces can be mailed without a box! Neat, huh?

One of the most frustrating things about washing clothes can be the fact that they shrink once you put them in the dryer. After that happens, you may hang them up and resign to never wear them again since they don't fit right. But did you know that you can actually un-shrink them? Using Aveeno you can actually make the shrunken clothes take their original shape! Check out the tutorial over at The Todd and Erin Favorite Five website!

Children love their toys, we all know that. But they especially love their bath toys, splashing around, making noise. It's a fun little time for them! But after awhile, those bath toys can become icky and grimy. But don't throw them out just yet! You can clean them, and they will be just like new again in no time! Check out the tutorial over on WeLoveBeingMoms and your little one will have their favorite bath toys back in no time!

Everyone loves sleeping, especially your starry-eyed little ones after an afternoon of running and playing! But when the whole house becomes sick, it can be one big mess, with everyone waking up the other person with their hacking and coughing. But instead of using the messy chest rub that gets all over your hands and clothes, you can try eucalyptus oil! Just 4-6 drops rubbed on the soles of the feet! It works like a real charm. Check out the whole post over at!


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