February 27, 2013

Market Mondays - The Hottest New Baby Products

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As we approach the month of March, the snow is melting and the sun is shining more often, and here at MomSE, we're working even harder to find the hottest new baby products on the market today! There is an incredible amount of new items out there, and it's hard to choose which one's to showcase each week, but we've narrowed it down, and our picks for this week are:

When we have a child, naturally we want to nourish them with the freshest foods available, versus the packaged foods full of preservatives. Children and moms alike love the convenience of on the go portability, but hate the waste and money that it costs to purchase these portable pouch foods, which aren't even all that good for us anyway. That's when the Squooshi was born out of one mom's frustration with pre-packaged foods and the ever rising costs. With the Squooshi, you can put the food that you make in your home each day, right into this Squooshi pouch, and voila! Instant portability and fun for your child. Not to mention, a good amount of nutrition, too!

Once you have a baby, you know the hassles of preparing formula. You've got to open the package, measure it just so, add the water, heat it up, make sure it's not too hot...it can be a process, to say the least! Even more so when you have to travel with a hungry tot. You never know when they are going to be hungry, and then you have to find a place to feed them, it can be rough. But the B.Box baby bottle is  literally “turning bottle feeding upside down,” with their baby bottle. The revolutionary thing about this product is that it has a compartment on the bottom of the bottle, where you can prepare the formula at home, it snaps into the bottom of the bottle, and when your little one is hungry, you have the formula all measured and ready to go right at your fingertips! The B.box also features a unique dual functionality, as it converts to a traditional baby bottle as well! BPA and Phthalates free and with its ergonomic design and anti-colic teats, this is the perfect gift for a new or expectant mom!

Ah, diaper blowouts, one of the lesser fun moments of being a new parent. If you've ever experienced one of these, you know they are not fun. Once it happens,  you have a huge mess to contend with, cleaning up your child's clothing, the area around where  your baby was sitting, changing the diaper, putting on a new outfit, the list goes on. But what if someone told you there was an easier way, where there would be no huge mess? The MelzyBaby Blowout stopper was created just for that reason. It goes up your child's back, where the diaper ends, and should a dreaded blowout occur, you only have one item to clean up instead of 20 or so. Also from MelzyBaby are their Soaker Stopper, meant to prevent leakage, especially at night when your child is sleeping soundly. The Soaker stopper has the same stylish design, only wrapping around your child's front instead of back. Any mom would certainly appreciate this item as a gift, because, well blowouts happen.

Summertime can be rough for everyone, but doubly so on children as they tend to sweat more. Sure, you can buy a fan, but you very well can't take that in the car with you when you go somewhere. That's where the Cool Mee seat liners come into play. Created with state-of-the-art 3-ply poly mesh material that is intended to wick away moisture and reduce perspiration as well as promote airflow between your child's body and the car seat, your child will stay cool and comfortable for the whole car trip.
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