February 23, 2013

Nifty Noodle Crafts

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It may not be summer yet, but today's article is all about a certain pool toy. Loved equally by children and adults everywhere, the pool noodle is a staple in every pool during the summer. It can be used for games, or even just floating around on. But did you know that it has a multitude of uses outside of the pool? We've found some of the most awesome and ingenious uses for the pool noodle!

Normally, one would think of a pool noodle as just that, a pool toy. Not the bloggers over at Obsessively Stitching! They've really “used their noodle” to come up with some super fun crafts that you can even do with the kids! From centerpieces, straw decorations, to stamps, these are some really cute crafts, and just in time to welcome spring, too!

Who knew that you could create a beautiful home decoration using a toy? This vintage inspired wreath was created by Kelsey over at Tattered & Inked. By using the pool noodle as a wreath form, she put this little gem together using yarn, buttons and other embellishments that were on hand. A really quick craft that you can hang in your home and cherish for years to come!

You've probably all seen or heard of those pretty hanging door curtains, reminiscent of the “flower child” era, right? Well this fun craft brings that time back! Using simple items you have hanging around your home (thread, stray beads and the pool noodle, of course!), you too can create this funky and fun door décor!

Everybody loves cupcakes, especially if they have no calories! These no-sew felt cupcakes are the most adorable eye candy and are perfect for those late-afternoon tea parties with your little ones! With just a few simple “ingredients” (felt, hot glue gun and a pool noodle), you'll be well on your way to enjoying these cupcakes for a long time to come!

Not only is this a fun crafting idea, but it will bring your little one hours of entertainment, while building their fine motor skills! All it takes is cutting up the pool noodles and numbering them! You can even turn this into a game of sorts, shouting out the different numbers to your child, having them lace the number each time you say it, or even print out cards with different sequences of numbers and have your children lace them in those orders! This is an awesome learning activity!

Use Your Noodle Games

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While they aren't really crafts, these activities take the fun out of the pool and into the backyard! One game includes taking pool noodles and balloons and trying to move as many balloons as possible in a certain amount of time, while the other one actually uses the noodles as hurdles for a relay race! These definitely will make great party games, and the kids will love it!

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