February 22, 2013

Scrumptious St. Patty's Day Meals

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Ah, soon we'll be seeing little flecks of green peeking through the snow, and after that warmer weather and sunshine will follow! The year is going by pretty fast, it's nearly March already, and you know what comes in March...Saint Patrick's Day! A fun day to celebrate your Irish heritage (or pretend you are Irish!), wear green and hunt for four-leaf clovers! It's also a fun excuse to create St. Patrick's themed meals! We've found some of the best recipes and ideas for fun and delicious meals to enjoy on March 17th!

Put together this cute little lunch for your children, they will absolutely love it! The best part about it? It's made with super healthy foods, but the children will be distracted by the fun shapes and bright colors to even notice they're munching on veggies! You can even put your own spin on this yummy lunch, it's up to you!

Last week, we had shared with you an article about how to create bento lunches and where to find all of the supplies. This week we're following it up with a themed bento lunch! Create this adorable St. Patrick's themed bento lunch with the ingredients in the photo above, or even mix it up a bit and make it all green food for St. Patty's day! The kids will love this one!

What an energizing and delicious lunch this is for your little lads and lasses! Created with two different types of tortillas and cheese, it comes together to look like an adorable little leprechaun! For a snack, you can throw in almonds with a few marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal, and maybe even throw in some green grapes!

This can be a fun little lunch that you and the kids could even make together! By making quesadillas and then cutting them into cute little shamrock shapes, you have instant adorable! The hats were created with green apples, bananas were “gold coins” placed around the edge of the plate, and Lucky Charms and yogurt were added as an extra snack!

Are you stuck without a shamrock cookie cutter? No fear, you can create a sweet little shamrock simply by cutting out three heart shapes and arranging them to look like a shamrock! To set off the lunch, you can stick some veggie potato chips around the sandwich (especially the green ones!) and you could even add some pistachio pudding for a delicious and healthy treat!

A delicious and healthy idea is to make your child a cucumber, ham and cheese sandwich with a shamrock shape cut out in the middle of the bread! Set the rest of the eal off with shamrock shaped pasta, and a “pot of gold,” created with a chocolate dipped cone and filled with peanuts and a few chocolate pieces! Your child will certainly feel the luck and love you put into it!

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