February 20, 2013

Monday's Market - Coolest New Baby Products

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It's Monday again, the start of another new week, filled with opportunities...and new products! Each Monday here at MomSE, we take a closer look at some of the newest and hottest baby products out on the market today! This week we've bought you a little bit of everything, cute, cool, and functional!

Puj Flyte

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The Puj Flyte compact infant bath takes the task of bathing your baby in a whole new direction! Puj's company motto is simplifying parenthood, and they most certainly have done it with this compact bathing tub! Other bathtubs are big, clunky and bulky, and not the least bit travel friendly. This product changes that entirely. From it's compact shape and flexible material, to it's incredible ergonomic design, this is one item that you need to have for your little one!

Wry Baby Products

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Any parent will tell you, that the key to getting through the ups and downs that parenthood brings us is laughter. Humor is so important to have in this day and age, life is too short to be serious all the time. The team at WryBaby have taken that concept to their wide range of products! From their adorable pacifier cases with the funniest sayings, to their new parent pins, there is truly something for everybody in their store!

2 Piece Thermo Check Spoons (Blue)

cool baby products, best baby products

When it's time for baby to begin solid foods, it is always a challenge to figure out whether or not their food is warm enough or cool enough. Sure, we can touch it and see, but that doesn't say much for the middle of the food! These thermo check spoons take the guesswork out of it for you! When stirring your baby's food, they will change color if the food is too hot for your child! Voila! No more accidentally scorched tongues or guilty feelings!


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Little ones have always loved anything that is cute and soft, that is a given. Parents love anything that will make our lives just a little easier. With BottlePets everyone gets the best of both worlds! These ingenious inventions combine the cute cuddliness of a stuffed animal with the functionality of holding your child's bottle! Your baby will love hugging the animal as they drink from their bottle! This product will truly make feeding time a breeze.

Potty Liner

cool baby products, best baby products

Potty training your little one can be a tricky, and sometimes messy job. Since they are not yet old enough to use the toilet, we parents buy them potty chairs to use instead. Everytime your child uses it, it needs to be cleaned out, which can get tedious after a while. Potty Liners were designed to make life just a bit easier for us! These disposable potty chair liners allow your child to use their potty chair just like normal, and then when they are finished, all you need to do is remove the liner, pull the draw tape closure, and you're done! No more messes!

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