August 11, 2013

Sensational Spelling Apps for Kids

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It's never to early to start teaching your little one about letters. Whether it's the alphabet, reading or spelling, words are everywhere, and there are a great number of products on the market to aid in teaching your child. Today we look at the top five spelling apps for your child!

Learn To Talk First Words

Taking the concept of flashcards to a whole new level, the Learn To Talk First Words application promotes early language development in children aged one to three years. It includes over 160 extremely interactive and engaging flashcards, your little one will never be bored with this app! You will never have to worry about missing flashcards, lost or bent cards anymore! This app allows your child to learn on their own, or with a parent, and was created and tested by a certified speech pathologist over 30 years experience.

ABC Alphabet Phonics

This application will leave your children wanting to learn more and more each time they use it! With colorful graphics and sounds, this application uses three senses; sight sound and touch to engage your little one in a learning adventure. It even includes a voice record feature, so that your tot can learn from mom or dad's voice! You are also able to take photos of items, so your child will be able to learn from their own toys and objects! A fun and exciting app that will keep your child coming back for more!

Itots Spell and Learn Free

This application's purpose is to create a fun and engaging learning atmosphere, and will surely keep your little one enthralled and educated! Featuring 3 different levels of play; beginner, intermediate and advanced, and a variety of different photos, your child will enjoy learning with this app! This application also teaches your child that the letters have to be put in the right order to create a word.

First Words Animals

Children are naturally drawn to animals, and this application draws upon that, with it's 45 different animals and matching sounds, your child will never be bored. By using this application, your little one will be developing their fine motor skills, learning the names of letters, how to spell words, the sounds the letters make, and so much more! It's fun to play on their own, and exciting to play with grown-ups as well!

Shape-O ABC's

The highly acclaimed Shape-O Abc's app by Bellamon combines over 100 individual images with alphabet and spelling, with the letters themselves being used as puzzle pieces in order to finish the puzzle. It includes heavenly sound effects and background music, and your child will be taught how to identify each individual instrument. Your child will not only have fun with this creative application, but will also enjoy the challenge of it as well!

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