February 08, 2013

Valentines Treats For Your Sweet

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With Valentine's day on it's way, there is candy lining the store shelves everywhere! It's hard to get away from. To make sure your children don't devour a whole box of sweethearts for breakfast, we've compiled some really tasty (and yummy!) breakfast ideas for Valentine's day!

Kid Friendly French Toast

via parenting.com

If your children are fans of french toast, then this recipe is certainly for you! Created with oatmeal bread, an egg, skim milk, maple syrup and strawberries, the children will snatch these right up when they see them on the table! A bonus is that the kids can help you make them, too! They can help you to stir and pour the eggs, dip the bread, and when it comes time, to cut out the hearts in the middle of the bread and fill them with the fresh strawberries!

Healthy Hearts

A healthy heart is a happy heart! These adorable little hearts are created with watermelon, orange slices and kitchen skewers and are super easy to make and take with you! These would be great for an afternoon snack, or even a super healthy dessert after dinner!

Mixing Up A Little Love Potion

via makeandtakes.com

Everyone loves smoothies, and these little “love potion” smoothies will make your little ones fall for their yumminess! Created with red berries and milk as the main ingredients, these smoothies make for a delicious and healthy treat! These could be great served along side the kid friendly french toast, to make a complete Valentine's day breakfast!

Valentine's Day Dog Omelet

Show your loved ones how much you care when you whip them up a delicious hot dog omelet! And this isn't just any hot dog omelet, no no no. It's a hot dog heart omelet, full of love for the person it is served to! Whether for children or adults, or for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these are a yummy treat, full of love!

Heart Shaped Blueberry Bagels

via theknead4speed.com

If your little ones love bagels, then they will flip for these cute little heart shaped blueberry bagels! Created to look like a swirly and elegant heart, these bagels are said to be of huge fun devouring! Your children will love tearing apart the bagel swirls in the middle and working their way out! You could send these treats for lunch, or create a lovely breakfast for your entire family with these bagels!
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