August 11, 2013

Real Mom Reviews: The Comfy Cradle

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by Mary Hirose
I should have waited to have babies. I’m serious. All the cool new baby stuff is coming out now and my youngest is already weaned. One new baby “must-have” is the Comfy Cradle. I really love it. With my first child I had a hard time nursing without using one of those big, bulky nursing pillows. You know the ones you wrap around your postpartum body? I had one for my house, our cars, my parents’ house, and an extra “just in case.” I couldn’t travel without one, and boy was it bulky!!!

The Comfy Cradle is a light weight, padded arm pillow that does everything a nursing pillow can and more. It’s a comfy pillow for baby’s head while being held or fed. It also protects mom’s arm from hard arm rests. The Comfy Cradle also encourages proper positioning to aid baby in digestion. One of the problems I always faced with nursing pillows was that my baby was almost horizontal when feeding. Because I don’t have a nursling, I gave it to my friend, Angela Miller, who used it while nursing her nine month old daughter, Lana.

Angela was impressed with how comfortable it was and how easily she was able to use it. Both of us noticed how wonderful it would be for use in a narrow airplane seat. For less than $20 I’m going to turn to the Comfy Cradle as a go to present for baby showers. I can’t wait for my three sisters to start having babies.   

Carrie Crawford, the creator of the Comfy Cradle and a mother of two, was generous enough to be a guest writer for Mom’s Shopping Engine. You can find more about her and the Comfy Cradle HERE

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