February 02, 2013

Sweet Savory Super Bowl Snacks

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It's almost time-that one day a year when the family gathers around the living room, a great spread of food placed out before you, while sweet sounds of cheering and high-fives float through the air. No, it's not the holidays all over again-it's football season, and the superbowl is Sunday! For many, this is a day to bring out all the stops and create yummy appetizers, delicious dinners and delectable desserts. We have curated the best superbowl treats that are as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Football Shaped Zucchini Fritters

These little appetizers are not only cute, but delicious as well! Using zucchini, carrots, potatoes and onions, these will have your guests wondering how you put them together! The fritters were decorated using Greek yogurt.

Touchdown Taco Bites

super bowl food
(via For Rent)

Aside from the normal tailgating fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, these taco appetizers make a great switch! These taco bites are cute and satisfying! These can be highly customizable too, for instance, why not make your own “mini taco bar” where guests can create their very own tiny tacos!

How To Make A Snackadium

What is a snackadium, you ask? Why it's a miniature football stadium created with all kinds of delicious foodstuffs! Your guests will be amazed when they see this in the middle of your superbowl snack spread. All you need are a few household items, and a bunch of snacks to go at it!

Tailgate Club Sandwich Bar

Super Bowl Snacks Food
via For Rent

These are perfect for a little light lunch before the big party! The idea behind the club sandwich bar is to set it up with sandwich bread, cheese, meats and toppings so that your guests can create their own signature sandwich. You can even set up the display a little bit, draw some football plays around, maybe even put a sign at end of the display that says touchdown! Use your imagination!

Super Easy Superbowl Pizza

This delectable pizza packs on the pepperoni, and what makes the whole thing even cuter is the pigskin  full of pepperoni! Your guests will love the this pizza in between plays!

Delectable Game Day Desserts

Nothing is better then a delicious dessert to munch on when the game is finally done. These desserts will keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Super Bowl
via Better Homes and Gardens

via Love + Butter

Super Bowl
via Beantown Baker

All of these desserts were created with one theme in mind-football! From the adorable football cake pops, to delicious pumpkin cake football loafs and football whoopie pies, these yummy treats will leave your guests asking you where you found the recipe!

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