February 08, 2013

Best Apps for New Moms

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In this day and age, we live in a world full of technology. One of the fastest growing trends in technology is the application, or app for short. Available for your computers, web browsers, tablets, and the most popular, your smart-phone, there are apps for just about anything that you can think of out there! From finding the best shoes to the greatest gas prices in the area, the list goes on and on. We have looked high and low to find the best applications for new moms! Read on to find out the best apps for both you and baby!

Baby Connect

best Iphone Apps for new moms

This amazing application is essentially a baby tracker, where you can list everything from when the last diaper was changed to the last time your little one ate. It also features a sleep tracker, pumping tracker, and a solid food and nursing tracker. It gathers the information that you enter and shows graphs and statistics to identify patterns and to spot anomalies. In addition to all of these nifty features, you can also add several different authorized users on Baby Connect, so it's easy for dad, mom, grandma and even the babysitter to track your baby's information! The data is also easily exported so that you can bring it along to your pediatricians, and the info can be easily stored in your child's chart. Baby Connect also allows you to track milestones, photos, your child's mood and location, and easily share these via Facebook and Twitter if you so wish. Baby Connect is available for download for Android, iPhone, iPad and the web.

Baby Shusher

best Iphone Apps for new moms

This one is our favorite! It will really get your little one to sleep at night, allowing you to catch some winks as well! The app is being called “the revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested technique to help soothe your fussy baby and get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby).” This application is meant to soothe your crying baby. The application was birthed from the desperation of new parents and a crying newborn. The application uses a rhythmic “shushing” sound to help your little one drift off safely into dreamland. It also includes a timer option with the options of 15 minutes to 8 hours of continuous shushing, an automatic sound equalizer (meaning that the app will listen to your child and adjust the volume), and the option to record your own shushing to use within the app itself. It has gotten many great reviews from once-frustrated new parents! The application is available on the iPhone app store and the Android app through the Google Play store.

best Iphone Apps for new moms

As parents, we are usually focused on our child, and other things that we meant to do slip by the wayside because we forget about them. Well, there's an app out there that keeps track of all of the tasks you need to do, and reminds you about them! Wunderlist has been named as one of LifeHacker's “5 Best To-Do List Managers”,  The Guardian's “Best Student Apps” and The Next Web's “10 Best Productivity Apps of 2010.” The amazing key features of Wunderlist include

Lists-create and manage all lists in one place across all of your devices.
Reminders-So you never have to miss another deadline!
Cloud sync-You can use any device!
Notes-keep track of your awesome ideas
Collaborate-invite your family and friends

best Iphone Apps for new moms

The concept of this app is simply amazing! As parents, we are constantly taking photos of our children and sharing them across all of our favorite social media outlets. But what if you could add one photo of your child-once a day, for a whole year, to see how they've changed and grown throughout the year? The Photo 365 App lets you do just that! You can add a photo a day using either the camera or one from your albums, with the ability to save multiple photos a day, and also socially share your photos. You can view by the month as well, to see how much your tot has grown in that month! This is certainly a wonderful idea! This app is available for download for iPad and iPhone.

The revolutionary Grocery Gadget app is an incredibly easy to use grocery productivity app, that streamlines all of your grocery lists, coupons and recipes into one location! If you use more then one device, that's fine, because this application syncs across all devices, so if you create a list using their handy web portal, and you want your significant other to visit the store, they'll have the list right on their phone without the need to come home and pick it up! One amazing feature on this app is their free web portal, that allows you to quickly create lists of products, match products to coupons and more. Some of their other features includes syncing the list with your entire family, taking photos of the item your buying (so if someone other then you is doing the shopping, they are sure to get the right item!), compare prices, free cloud backup, and even arranging the items in the store by the aisle they are in (it learns their order from the first time that you shop with the app). If you are looking to cook a recipe you've found, once you enter it into the app, it will automatically import the ingredients. This is one app that will no doubt pay for itself in a short amount of time. It is available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone.

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