January 20, 2013

Introducing the Comfy Cradle (guest post)

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We at Mom’s Shopping Engine firmly believe that YOU are the experts about your products. We would like to give you, the dad and mompreneurs, an opportunity to grow and develop brand awareness by talking about your businesses and topics you are experts at. If you would like to introduce yourself to our community and share information about your product lines, please review our guest post guidelines here.

Today we welcome a guest post from Carrie Crawford, the founder and owner of Comfy Cradle.

I’m Carrie Crawford and the creator of the Comfy Cradle, a comfortable solution for parents and babies.  As a mother of two children, I continuously ran into the problem of uncomfortable arm positioning for both myself and baby when feeding and holding my two children. I could never get comfortable with the pressure on my arm, and would have loved a nice soft resting spot for my elbow.  
Holding the baby with a blanket was frustrating because the blanket was not very supportive for the baby. When either the baby or myself moved, so did the blanket. There was always a lot of readjusting.
The blanket did not provide any comfort in keeping my elbow and arm comfortable while sitting and holding the baby. 
In addition, after my baby would fall asleep in my arms, as I would gently lay them down, the blanket would get caught under them.  When I would pull it out, it would cause them to wake up, starting the process all over again.
I wanted a product that would eliminate all of these problems I was having.  That’s when I came up with the Comfy Cradle.


I made one for myself and as soon as I used it, I loved it.  It removed all of the frustrations.
The Comfy Cradle supports and elevates.  Research shows this helps aid in better digestion. The Comfy Cradle helps to create the perfect position that is supportive and functional.
The Comfy Cradle hugs your arm, relieving strain and arm pressure, allowing you to hold your baby more comfortably and creating a closer bond.
This patented product is simple but effective and allows you to feed your baby comfortably, put them down to sleep without waking them, and provides support for both the baby’s head and your arm, allowing a more enjoyable experience for all.

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The following are key benefits to using a Comfy Cradle:

- Gently supports your baby’s head and neck
- Relieves strain on your arm
- Pillow wraps around your arm, creating a soft spot to rest your elbow
- Creates a comfortable hold for mother and baby for both nursing and bottle feeding
- Machine Washable
- 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester Filling, 100% Cotton Shell
- Covers clothing fabrics that may irritate baby’s skin
The Comfy Cradle makes the perfect gift for baby showers, a loved one, or yourself! Avoid the frustration of uncomfortable feedings and a restless baby.  I’m passionate about this product and know you will be too!  May you and your baby be comfortable and happy with the Comfy Cradle!

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