December 08, 2012

Bikes, Trikes, and Scooters, Oh My!

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By Mary Hirose

It’s the time of year all children love. The Holidays are sure to bring sweets, treats, and presents galore. Every child’s television show is jamb packed with commercials for the newest and greatest toy E-V-E-R! Very popular gifts for children every year are ride on toys that guarantee hours of out-door fun. A few benefits to outside toys are that they don’t take up precious indoor real estate when not being used and your children get exercise and come home ready for dinner, bath, and bed.

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The Mobo Mini
is a new ride on toy that’s going to be very popular. It’s designed for children 2 ½ - 5 year of age. Because of its design, the Mobo Mini helps young children work on hand/eye coordination. Your child sits back in the toy and pedals much like we did as children with Big Wheels. This toy does not have a wheel or handle bars, however, but has two vertical handles on the side that are used for steering.
The Mobo Mini can be purchased at Toys-R-Us for $270 or on Amazon for $200. Wal-Mart also carries the Mobo Mini for $260.

The EzyRoller is a toy which combines the control of a bike and the fun of a scooter. It’s low to the ground and moves with the back and forth push of the left and right feet. It moves back and forth like a snake. It’s not for children under 4 years of age, and is fully adjustable up to 5’5.”
It’s one of the least expensive toys being reviewing for sale at Toys-R-Us for $90, Amazon for $99, and Wal-Mart for $99.

Prince Lionheart’s Whirl Balance Scooter is a wooden bike for children 2 – 5 years old learning to ride a bike. It comes with a padded adjustable seat. Balance scooters are very common in Europe, and are taking America by storm. My daughter’s friend learned to ride a bike at 3 with the help of a balance scooter. I begged them to let me buy their balance scooter from them three years ago.
I’m very excited to see these for sale on Amazon for $95, Toys-R-Us for $90, and for $99.

Maxi Kick Scooter is a great toy for older children ages 6-11. Its two wheels in the front and two side-by-side in the back allow your child to “surf the sidewalk” with its unique lean-and-steer design.
The Maxi Kick Scooter can be found on Amazon and for $135.

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Bikes, Trikes, and Scooters, Oh My!

And stay tuned for more to come as we gear up for the holiday season!

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