August 19, 2012

DIY Playhouses

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Whether it is a makeshift fort in the living room made of bed sheets or a secret corner or closet somewhere in the house, kids LOVE hiding and playing in their very own spaces. You can spend hundreds on these playhouses or forts but we have found some amazing DIY playhouse options that kids of all ages will love.

I have so many memories as a child with my sisters playing in the wooden playhouse my dad constructed for us. We spent countless hours playing house in the backyard. And I even remember painting the wood and helping put it together with my Dad and sisters. Make your DIY playhouse even more memorable by letting the kids help and turning it into a family project. Take it from me…they will remember it.

If you have made a special fort or playhouse for your kids share your pictures on our Facebook page!

Check out more DIY Playhouse ideas here in our quick click slideshow:



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