November 11, 2013

Baby 101 Shopping Guide: Breastfeeding Essentials

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This guide is for all those mamas who are planning on breastfeeding their little one. A lot of these products might be considered luxuries but from a mama who had a difficult time breastfeeding I ended up needing almost all of these products in the end! Like most moms, I am sure I forgot something so if you see something that is missing on this list tell us about it here or on our Facebook page! Did I leave your favorite must-have product off the list...tell me about it and share the wealth!

First thing is first. I highly recommend taking some sort of breastfeeding 101 class toward the end of your pregnancy. And I think it is really important to have your partner come with you to that class. Yes, my husband did go and it made a world of difference. I think it helped him understand more and in turn he was more compassionate and supportive when I needed it which was often since I had a difficult time breastfeeding our daughter.

The next important thing is to find a place where you can rent a hospital grade breast pump that you can bring home with you from the hospital or send a friend to pick up. Have it all arranged and ready. Even if you end up not needing it and returning it after that first month it is better to be safe than sorry. I recommend holding off on registering for a pump until you know for sure that breastfeeding is going to work for you and even if it does you may not need a pump. Some women never use them.

Another thing to have handy before you give birth is a phone number for a lactation consultant if you do need help. If it weren't for my lactation consultant I would have given up on breastfeeding that first week. The money was well worth it and be sure to call your insurance as some companies are now paying for these sessions. Know your options beforehand and have that list ready in case you need it. There are a lot of consultants who will even come to your house so do some hunting beforehand.

Here is a list of items which you might find helpful. I wouldn't go out and buy all of these beforehand but keep this list handy and refer to it if you encounter some problems. Like I said, some women never need any of these and some might need all of them!


Breastfeeding Pillow

I registered for a Boppy pillow and used it for everything BUT breastfeeding. It just didn't work for me and I have heard it doesn't work for a lot of moms. I ended up buying the
My Brest Friend pillow after my first lactation consultation appointment and it made the world of difference for us. It literally became my best friend and I even packed it in my suitcase on a trip. If you end up needing this you will understand completely!


Nipple Relief Products

Mother Love Nipple Cream -I went through 3 jars of this stuff!

breastfeeding, nipple relief, must-have-new-mom


2. Medela Soft Shells for Sore Nipples -- I wore these around the house all the time when I was so sore that it hurt to even wear a shirt. These are also great for helping with inverted nipples.

breastfeeding, nipples relief, painful breastfeeding, must-have-new-moms

3. Lansinoh Soothies--there are many different brands of these gel pads for sore nipples but these helped me the most


breastfeeding, nipple pads, disposible nipple pads, must-haves-new-moms

1.Lansinoh Nursing Pads--I love these disposable nursing pads. Some sort of nursing pad is a must if you are breastfeeding so if you go the disposable route I recommend these. I tried others and these were the only ones that were super absorbent, didn't fall apart, and didn't leave lint all over me.

Carlson Baby D Drops--If you are breastfeeding the one thing your baby will not get from your milk is Vit D. And if you are like most moms your pediatrician will tell you to get some of those Poly Vi Sol/D Vi sol/Tri Vi Sol vitamin drops for your baby to make up for this much needed vitamin. Well, I went that route and it was a disaster. These vitamins taste horrible and smell like gerbil food. After some online searching I found this Carlson Baby D Drops and I never looked back. Odorless and tasteless, all you need is 1 drop a day on your nipple or a bottle nipple and you are done. No fuss no muss. You can find these at natural food stores or vitamin shops and they are well worth the hunt.

Vitamin D baby, Carlson super daily


3. TheraPearl Nursing Buddy

If you are like most women you are most likely to get engorged at some point during your breastfeeding journey. The easiest way to ease this and get your milk flowing and soften your breasts is to apply warm heat to your breasts. If you can take a warm shower -- great. Otherwise try a warm washcloth or a product like this:


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