September 05, 2012

How to Make Patriotic Flag Cookies

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Patriotic Flag Cookies Tutorial

You will need: 

1. Sugar Cookies. You can find our recipe and step-by-step picture tutorial
here. In order for these instructions to make sense please read our tutorial first.

2. Rectangle cookie cutter

3. Pastry bags

4. Wilton tips #1 and #3

5. Icing (recipe and instructions are here)

6. Blue, Red and Black food coloring. ( I would highly recommend Americolor)

7. Parchment paper

I would recommend starting 3 days before your event.

Creating the soldier silhouette

      1. Find or draw an image of a soldier you would like to use. I bought the one I used from 123rf. com
      2. Place an icing sheet (* tip* you can also use wax or parchment paper) over the printout or drawing (don’t forget to scale the image, so it fits on your cookie) and secure the ends of it with tape.
      3. Tint a small portion of your icing in black (*tip Avoid powdered coloring. I prefer gel colors and Americolor is my favorite brand. )
      4. Trace the silhouette starting with the outline first and then fill out the solder silhouette with black icing.

The figures should dry for at least 8 hours before you pull them off from the icing sheet.

Bake the cookies and let them cool down for about 2 hours before you start icing them.

First draw the outlines. (Fig 1) and fill out the blue square using flood icing (icing thinned out with water).
While the blue icing is still wet, drop white a few white drops and make them look like stars by “pulling “ the white icing with a tooth pick.( fig 2)
Create the white stripes using flood icing and then leave them for a few min to dry out (not more than 5 – 10 min). Fill out the red stripes with red flood icing and as soon you are finished, peel the soldier from the icing sheet and very carefully place the silhouette on the iced cookie. (*do not try to use tweezers to transfer your icing figure. Use your fingers and make sure you peel very slowly to prevent breaking it. Let the cookies dry at least 5 hours before you package them.
Happy 4th of July

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