August 11, 2013

Stop Sticky Drippy Messes With Dripsters

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With summer fast approaching all of you mamas are just going to love our new favorite product here at Mom’s Shopping Engine! What is summer without the ice cream man and the million popsicles that your kids will eat over the coming months?  Okay, maybe not a million popsicles, but if they have even one ice pop this product will be worth it!  Dripsters are genius.  Especially for someone like me who has a 2.5 year old and an obsession with trying to avoid or at least manage drippy, sticky, melting messy foods as much as I can with my daughter. 

Dripsters are absorbent non-toxic cellulose sponges that slide up an ice pop stick to catch the drips as the pop melts.  As it absorbs all the sticky drips it expands.  Afterwards you can rinse it out and it will dry and can be re-used over and over again!  How awesome is that?

Invented by a mompreneur, Dawn created Dripsters after cleaning up endless popsicle drippy messes from her two kids and all their friends.  Like other Moms she hosts lots of play dates and birthday parties and her family just loves to eat ice cream and ice pops all year round.  In Dawn’s words, “the sticky mess on the floors and carpets and that lovely red cherry stain is hard to get out of anything! After trying paper towels and washrags and finding that didn't work, I said, there's got to be a better way”.  And lucky for us there is now!

I got to test Dripsters with my 2.5 year old little product tester and I learned 2 things.  First, my daughter LOVES popsicles (this was her first one) and second, DRIPSTERS WORK!  Not only did they catch all the drips but they kept her little hands away from the bottom of the popsicle as well.  I will admit we had to do 2 trials.  The first trial she ate the grape popsicle so fast it did not drip at all! 


The second trial really tested the Dripster and it held up to its promise.  It caught the drips and the sponge started expanding.  Worked like a charm. 

The third trial I really wanted to see how much the Dripster would hold.  I let about ¾ of the popsicle drip away onto the Dripster and it held up!  This is what it looked like after that:


I am definitely going to keep a stash of Dripsters in my purse, at home and in the car this summer!  They start in a 6 pack for $2.49 and they go up to a 24 pack for $9.49…definitely worth it to save a little mess!  We are sure that Dripsters are going to be the next hot thing this summer so be the first one on your block to order these mess saving sponges today!   Buy your Dripsters here and be sure to “like” the Dripster Facebook page to stay up to date with sales and giveaways!


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