March 06, 2013

Adorable DIY Easter Bunny Shirt

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The hundreds of adorable Easter outfits on Etsy, inspired me to do something special for my daughter this year. I was determined to take my Easter inspiration and make something myself for my daughter for this holiday. 
This project is short and sweet.  I actually completed the whole thing during Elizabeth’s naptime today, so this is perfect for all you last minute mamas out there!  And this idea could be easily altered for the little men in your life.  Choose more masculine colors and swap out the tulle bunny tail for a bulky button or corduroy patch!

Scrap of Fabric
Fabric Glue
Needle & thread

The most time consuming part was picking out an image that I wanted to work with. And this was not because there were not enough on-line, but because there were way too many to choose from! You can use a basic Google image search or go to photo libraries like or where you can buy an image for a $1.

Once you decide on which image you want to use, cut it out.  Put your stencil on the back of the fabric and outline the image. Make sure you outline a mirror image of your applique design.



Use any fabric glue of your choice.  I like this one as it is not permanent and the applique comes off after washing.  Given that my daughter will only wear this t-shirt once for the Easter holiday I now have a plain white shirt for her to keep wearing after the holiday is over!
Apply the glue to the bunny fabric shape you have cut out and press for a couple of minutes.


I used tulle to make the bunny tail. There are a number of tutorials on-line if you want to create a fancy, puffy tail. I just used a needle to pull my thread through the tulle and then I pulled the two ends of the thread and tied them together.  This sounds as clear as mud so be sure to see images below.



 I glued the tail to the bunny applique and then did a few stiches to make sure that the bunny keeps its tail. Tule is hard to glue.

Happy Easter and happy crafting!  We hope you love this quick, easy and inexpensive craft!

Cost –
T-shirt from Wal-Mart $5
Fabric & Tule - $1.60
Fabric glue – $3
The smile on Elizabeth’s face – priceless



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