September 16, 2014

Matchless Toys for Ages 6-12 months

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By Jodi Burnett

With only a few days left to shop for those babies on your Christmas list, you don’t have a lot of time for store hopping. Thankfully, with our list of fun and unique toys for babies ages 6-12 months, you’re bound to find that perfect gift quickly enough for holiday unwrapping. There are no run-of-the-mill toys here—just truly unique items you may not have thought of on your own, but once you know they are out there, they will be hard to pass up.

  1. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs What do you get when you cross a yellow stuffed bunny, a comical voice, and the ability to harmonize with its equally amusing friends?  Fisher Price Sing-a-ma-jigs.  Fun on their own, but better with friends, Sing-a-ma-jigs addictive voices are entertaining for kids and adults alike.  Be careful, most reviewers claim once you start toying with them, they are hard to put down, even if you are (ahem) slightly older than the recommended age. In order to understand what they do, be sure to watch the provided video. (Get it here)
  2. Sit to Stand Dancing Tower : Many toys claim to grow with your child, but when reading reviews of this V-Tech sit-to-stand dancing tower, it seems this one really holds true to its word. When your baby is just sitting up it can be placed on the floor and he can push the large colorful buttons to get the dancing bear going. When he is working on standing, it can be raised to its full hide requiring him to reach in order to get the music playing which encourages standing. Parents love how sturdy this toy is--it isn’t going to topple over baby. Babies love the dancing bear and voice projecting microphone. This is one your baby can play with daily without getting bored. Get it here (Get it here)
  3. Daddydolls: One of my favorite toys I have found this year. Daddydolls Hug-a-hero doll allows children who have parents who are in the military or traveling for work to feel they have a mommy or daddy at home to snuggle with. You send in a head to toe portrait of whom you want the doll to represent and they use a “no feel” die to transfer the picture onto the soft micro fiber fabric. These dolls are recommended by psychologists to help children cope with the stress of separation. 3 sizes are available and you have your choice of fabrics, plus the option of a voice recorded message. Get it here.

Discovery Toys is known for their well thought out and age appropriate products that you can’t find anywhere else. Below are a few recommendations from Melanie Jarrin, a Discovery Toys consultant:

  1. Baby Grooves, musical instruments, with PLEASING sounds and an accompanying CD for her to play along. This is a very popular item and will last you for years, both in quality and interest, but also developmentally. Little fingers can shake, rattle, and roll, and because they are constructed specifically for the littlest set, they can be mouthed with no resulting damage either to baby or toy. (Get it here)
  2. TryAngle: This is a multisensory manipulative with 5 sides that babies progressively master. It's great for developing motor skills and sensory skills. Many of my parents love this. (Get it here)
  3. GLove Story Puppet: This is a favorite of Claire's and many of my customers. Babies and toddlers really love it. I love it because it promotes imagination, and you can do anything with it in regards to open-ended play. Get it here
  4. If you'd like, you can pair it with Animal Lullabies Book which comes with a lovely CD where the poems are read in varying accents. Get it here
    If you do choose to buy them both, you can save money by purchasing them as a set Get it here

This is a great list to get you jumpstarted, but we are always looking for killer finds to add to our list. Remember to clue us in when you find that truly unique toy or fantastic deal so we can add it to the list for others to benefit. Also, don’t forget our Most Stylish Kid photo contest, time is running out, so get your entries in soon!

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