March 16, 2012

Girl Scout Inspired Treats

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No matter where you live you have probably noticed it is Girl Scout cookie season! They are everywhere and I have to admit I just can’t resist buying at least 1 box every time I see the local troops selling them at grocery stores. I mean, you have got to support those local Girl Scout Troops, right?

I thought it would be fun to find a bunch of Girl Scout Cookie inspired treats for the season. Some of these use the cookies themselves in the recipes and some of the recipes try and recreate your favorite cookies during the off season after you have devoured your last box.

If you have a favorite recipe share it with us here or on our Facebook page!


Thin Mint Krispie Treats from Cookies & Cups. Um. Yum!


I have to admit that Samoas are my all-time favorite and it is probably one of the only cookies I crave during the off season. I was so excited to see this recipe from Baker’s Royale. I just might have to try this recipe when I run out of my stock!


What could be better than Thin Mints? These Thin Mint brownies from the Babble Family Kitchen just might do the trick!


This recipe from the Sugar Derby combines two favorites into a Bundt cake. If Dosidos or Tagalongs are your favorites then this one is for you!


This last recipe from the Sugar Derby is my favorite and in the name of research I just had to try it! I made the Samoa cheesecakes and I tried it with Thin Mints as well. SO EASY and so amazingly yummy! This one is going in my cookbook for sure!  My little cheesecakes did not turn out as pretty but I guarantee they tasted so fabulous it didn't matter one bit!  The one with the chocolate on top was with the Samoa Cookie and the plain one was with the Thin Mint cookie.  I was too lazy to melt and drizzle chocolate so I just plopped a couple dark chocolate chips on top before putting them in the oven. See my results below!

For even more Girl Scout cookie inspired desserts check out our quick click slideshow here!



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