May 07, 2011

Baby Carrier Buying Guide

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Looking for an easy way to carry your baby? Before you shop, check out our quick-guide to the different types of carriers and save yourself some time at the store.

The Front carrier

Front Baby carriers are perfect for newborns up to 25 lbs for some models.  Whether or not you can handle carrying a 25 lb baby in a front pouch is another story. As a newborn your baby will face your body in a front carrier, with their head on your chest—perfect for hearing your soothing heart beat. As baby gets older and is old enough to hold up his head, you can lower the head rest and turn him around to face the world. Options you may find depending on the model of front carrier are breathable fabrics for warmer weather, extra back support for long periods of use, and cooler weather covers. Try the BabyBjorn Air Carrier.  Use promo code GET10PCT and get additional 10% off

The Sling

Sling style carriers are worn over your shoulder and cradle your baby snuggly inside. You can find both adjustable and non-adjustable slings. The non-adjustable sling means that if you and your husband both want to carry your baby you will each require your own specifically sized sling. The sling offers multiple ways to carry your baby and can be used until your child is 2 or older. They can be folded and placed in a purse when you or baby tires of using it. You can find big name slings out there, but these are also popular items in home or online boutiques. Slings are the most attractive choice of carrier since you can find one in just about any fabric to match your personality and outfits. Try this classic Snuggy Baby sling Use promo code momsshoppingengine and get additional 10%off at checkout.

The Wrap

Wrap carriers are similar to sling carriers with the difference of needing to actually be wrapped by hand around your body each time you put it on. Baby can be carried in several different positions and like sling carriers, will actually be comfortable in the wrap well after the first year. Wraps can be confusing at first, but many come with a DVD to teach different wrapping techniques. Benefits to wraps include better back support and the ability to discreetly breastfeed. Try the Moby Wrap Use promo code GET10PCT and get additional 10% off

The Framed Carrier

Framed carriers are meant for babies who can sit upright without support up until approx. 40 lbs. With the framed carrier, you carry your baby on your back while they enjoy the view. They may look heavy, but most use a lightweight aluminum frame that straps around your belly when worn and is free standing when taken off—like a portable seat for baby when hiking or running errands. Frame carriers often have extra storage compartments and because they are often used for outdoor recreation, many are equipped with sun shades. Try Chicco SmartSupport Backpack

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