November 11, 2013

Baby 101 Shopping Guide: Diapers and more ( Part I)

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Best Diaper Brands ( mom reviews)



There are so many options out there and the decision can be completely overwhelming for new parents. Think of this as a quick and easy crash course for everything about diaper changing and things that you will need as a new mom. Let the diaper changing begin!

For newborns our pick is clear and easy and we think this is the best option for your little one. Our pick for newborn diapers are Pampers Swaddlers which come in
regular and sensitive. ( check out the Weeekend Edition of our Baby Deal Roundup for diapers coupon codes and promotions)

Pampers SwaddlersPampers Swaddlers Sensitive

We used these for our newborns and loved them. They have this awesome color strip that changes colors when the diaper is wet. This is invaluable as a new parent and takes the guesswork away. Another bonus is the umbilical cord notch in the newborn size which provides added comfort to your new baby until the umbilical cord falls off and her belly button heals.

As your baby grows their diaper needs also change and the choices get more complex and complicated as well. Each child's diaper needs are as unique as their personalities -- we realize this here at the Mom's Shopping Engine so we won't pretend like one brand will work for every baby. These are the brands that worked and didn't work for us and the reasons why. If your favorite brand is not mentioned tell us about it here or on
our Facebook page. Share what you have learned with other moms--nothing is better than advice from real experience. We hope this will shed a little light on your options and might help you decide between one or another.

Here are some of our favorites:



Parent's Choice Diapers

diapers, parents choice diapers

These budget friendly diapers can be found at Walmart and can even be ordered online and shipped to your house for free! The fit and absorbency are similar to the pricier Pampers brand diapers and they hold up just as well. Some of the moms here at the Mom's Shopping Engine love these diapers and use them religiously. I had an interesting experience with them though. I decided to try them and loved them at first. We were on our second box of diapers for our daughter and she broke into a horrible diaper rash that was almost like a burn on her sensitive skin. I am not sure if it was just a bad batch that we stumbled upon or what happened but we went back to the Pampers Baby Dry. Other moms who love Parents Choice Diapers never came across this problem so it remains a mystery for us.
Do any of you have any good or bad experiences with Parent's Choice?


Kirkland Brand Diapers (Costco)

diapers,kirkland diapers

Another affordable option for moms is the Costco brand diapers. I have found mixed reviews of these from mom friends. Between problems with leaks and excessive bulkiness in the fit I know a lot of moms, including myself, who tried these diapers once and decided they did not like them.


Pampers Baby Dry

After trying many cheaper diaper options I always seem to go back to Pampers Baby Dry. I have tried the Pampers Cruisers for my 1.5 year old daughter but I had a problem with the diaper rash burn like redness on her sensitive skin. I never seem to have any leak problems or diaper rash problems with the
Pampers Baby Dry and we love them.

Don't forget the nighttime options out there if your toddler starts waking up soaked in the morning. Pampers makes an Extra Protection diaper and Huggies has overnight diapers as well. The reviews on these is very mixed. I have always had better luck with
Pampers Extra Protection

for my daughter and we use them every night for her final diaper change before bed. I have also heard from moms that just buy diapers one size larger and use those at night which works for them as well. What have you used and why do you like them or not? Tell us here or on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

Again, go to any website and you will see raving good reviews and horrible reviews for every diaper brand out there. These are just some lessons we have learned as moms and wanted to pass along to you. The best thing to do is just to take a chance and try different brands. Buy a small amount to start with as you never know if you will like them or not and you don't want to be stuck with a large amount of diapers you hate. Another fun choice is to buy a box and split it with another mom friend and you both can see if you like them or not.
We would love to hear from you, our readers, about your favorites or least favorite diapers!

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