December 29, 2011

How to Sell your Unused Groupons or Deals

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Do you LOVE daily deals like Groupon and Living Social? Like many of you I have become somewhat addicted to these daily deals. Even worse I have been known to buy coupons and never use them...imagine that! Well, these websites will help you offload those unwanted purchases while getting some of your money back to spend on something you are really going to use.
Don't forget, these websites are not only for those looking to get rid of deals! These sites are the go-to source for finding and purchasing deals that are no longer available. You know the open the email the next day and it is too late to purchase or you hear about a great deal your friend bought last week.

Deals Go Round lets you post your unwanted coupons for free (with registration) and then charges a 10% processing fee. A PayPal account is required to purchase deals and to sell deals. Any money made selling your unwanted deals gets deposited into your PayPal account.


sell your groupons

Lifesta is another great site that is free with registration. They charge 99 cents plus 8% of the sale cost to cover credit card fees.

sell your groupons

CoupRecoup does not charge any fees for buying or selling. The downside of this site is that if you are selling you are responsible for collecting the money from the buyer and vice versa. This is more like an Ebay model without the fees.

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