September 07, 2011

We Love Baby Butz Cream! No Ifs, Ands or Butz About It! New Giveaway!

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As a mom there have been a limited number of products that have changed my life or my child’s life. Baby Butz is one of those products. I only wish I had known about this miracle cream when I first had my daughter.
Baby Butz was created out of pure necessity by a mom for her son who was born with a rare syndrome which requires him to be in diapers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After trying every brand of diaper rash cream available and not getting good results she worked with chemists to modify a prescription cream that worked on her son. She was determined to create a product that worked and that was entirely natural with no perfume, alcohol or chemical ingredients. Take a look at this comparison chart to see how your diaper rash cream compares with Baby Butz. You might be as surprised as I was! Baby Butz meets the Gold Standard of Pediatricians in Canada and is licensed as a Natural Health Product in Canada.


Baby Butz is not only great for diaper rashes but also works for light burns, sunburns, mosquito bites, exzema, heat rash and bed sores. And don’t forget that zinc oxide is also a complete UV block (lifeguards use it on their noses).
Myself and a few other moms tried the Baby Butz cream on their little ones ranging from newborns to two years of age. Everyone came back with rave reviews. We all loved that the product was made of all natural ingredients and ingredients which we could pronounce and knew what they were!
Personally, Baby Butz worked great on my 20 month old. Her diaper rash has slowed down a lot since she was a baby but when she does get it the rash is really bad. Especially when she is teething the rash often bleeds when I change her diapers. I used Baby Butz on her during one of these rash breakouts and it cleared it right up by the time I changed her diaper again. And she did not scream and wince when I applied the cream to the rash which was such a relief. Prior to this I used Extra Strength Desitin and while it cleared up her rash she would always scream when applied it didn’t work as quickly as Baby Butz did. Plus I felt so much better being able to use a natural product on this sensitive area.
Other moms who used the product also loved it with the same results. The only critique that came back was the zinc odor of the cream. The founder responded to this critique and she has tried to add natural essences to make the cream smell better but it always interfered with the effectives and non-sensitivity of the product. And then she had to add a preservative which is something she didn’t want to do. The amount of zinc in the product acts as a natural preservative. As one of the mom testers said, “The diaper cream worked very well and was easy to apply and provided long lasting coverage. I liked everything about this cream except for the smell. However, if it means putting less chemicals on my new baby, then I can accept the smell”. And as another mom joked…what can smell worse than a dirty diaper?
The giveaway is for a large 4 oz jar of Baby Butz cream ($13.99 value) plus free shipping! We have 4 giveaways and will choose 4 winners.
To enter to win the Baby Butz giveaway all you have to do is:

1. "Like" the Baby Butz Facebook Page AND tell them that Mom's Shopping Engine sent you

2. Leave a comment on Mom's Shopping Engine Facebook page telling us you want to win the Baby Butz free giveaway.

That's all that you need to do in order to be entered to win!! The contest ends in 7 days on Sept 13th 2011 so enter now! Once the winner is announced you will have 48 hours to respond to us with your information. Once 48 hours has passed we will pick another winner so stay tuned for the winner to be announced on the Mom’s Shopping Engine Facebook page!

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