August 02, 2011

DIY Shirts, Hats, Shoes, Mobiles and Playmats Oh My!

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We have found some great DIY craft ideas for moms everywhere. We've got shirts, hats, shoes, mobiles and Playmats! If you are ready to nurture those creative juices then you have come to the right place. Do you have any fun project and craft ideas? Share them here or on our Facebook page!

DIY, DIY onesie, crafts kids, DIY-kids

This "nerd shirt" is nothing but simply adorable. This easy DIY onsie makes a great personalized gift for a baby shower or for your little one!

DIY, diy kids, DIY stencil, DIY-T-Shirt

Take some bleach, spray glue, a spray bottle and a T-shirt and what do you have? Your own bleach stencil kit and a world of possibilities! This is such an easy and fun idea. Create your own stencils or use objects you have laying around the house. Either way this is a fun and easy craft that anyone can do!

DIY, DIY-hat, DIY-kids, DIY-children, DIY

Hats galore! That is what you will be making when you take a look at this simple sewing project idea. Make them reversible and personalize them. These will make great gifts and will be sure to impress!

DIY, DIY baby shoes, DIY-girl-shoes

Who would have guessed that making adorable shoes for your infant would be simple? Not me, but I was happily surprised with this quick and easy pattern.

DIY, DIY home, DIY paper, DIY chandelier

This DIY project would make a great mobile for your baby's room or a fun lighting project for any child's room. Change the bulb color or order some colored wax paper to match the decor and the possibilities are endless!

DIY, DIY baby, DIY babies

I love this DIY project! I could not believe how expensive baby playmats were when I had my little girl. This project will save you money and let you mix and match any fabrics that you like. This would also make a great personal gift for someone expecting a new little one!
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