July 07, 2011

Baby 101 Shopping Guide: Feeding, Bottles, and Binkies Oh My!

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Before your baby is even born you will be overwhelmed with the bottle and pacifier options at the store. So many different brands, shapes, sizes, materials--this will soon become a very overwhelming purchase as a Mom to be. Even if you are planning on breast feeding it is a good idea to have a basic bottle at home in case you decide to pump and feed or in an emergency (we will cover breast feeding essentials in another upcoming article). You can bet that every baby is different and not all babies like all bottles. In fact, my daughter only liked one brand after spending a lot of money and trying a ton of different bottles. So, our biggest tip for you when it comes to buying bottles is to start with 1 or 2 of a brand and stop there. Don't register for a million bottles and don't have your heart set on the bottle with the cute design. Your baby will be completely in charge of this purchase!! I tried all the fancy bottles that claimed to be closest to the breast and best for breastfeeding moms who wanted to pump---my daughter liked none of them!! Some of these bottles can get pretty pricey too. So take a deep breath and pick 1 brand of bottle and don't be too disappointed when your baby totally rejects it!
Since all babies are different and this is such a unique purchase we are not going to pretend to give you a list of the best bottles out there. BUT from Moms who have been through it and who know a lot of other moms out there we have found that the Dr. Brown's bottles have been the best in controlling gas and babies tend to love their bottles as well! Yes, we admit they are annoying to clean as they have a lot of little pieces but the effort was well worth it in the end. A great bottle that didn't leak and that my baby loved! They come in different sizes and in both glass and plastic options:

best baby bottles, baby bottles

Here is a short list of things to look at and think about when you purchase bottles:

1. Do they come in different sizes?
2. How do they need to be sanitized? Can you use those handy microwave sanitizer bags? Are they dishwasher safe?
3. What level nipples does it come with? (You will need the slowest flow to start with)
4. Do you want to purchase plastic or glass for your baby?

What bottle ended up being your baby's fav? Any great lessons you learned in those first few months of bottle feeding that you can share with other moms? Tell us here or on our facebook page! And if you end up with a bunch of different bottles that your child hates, like I did, hang on to them because you might meet other moms whose baby loves what your baby hated and someone will be able to put them to good use.


best baby bottles

I just had to include what I think is the coolest bottle invention EVER!!! The Podee is awesome and you can bet that moms everywhere will stop you and ask you what it is where can they buy it. This bottle is great for feeding multiples, feeding on the go, gassy babies, babies that refuse to hold their own bottles and you want a hands free option....the list could go on and on. My daughter loved the Podee and so did I. She was one who just refused to hold her own bottle even as she was fast approaching 1 year old. The Podee allowed me to feed her while she was in her car seat or stroller and it changed our lives. It also worked great when we had her in her backpack and it was almost like her own camel back.

As far as pacifiers go, I was pretty much anti-pacifier as a new mom. I didn't want her to get hooked on it and it wasn't until a night of extreme crying at the hospital that I let the nurse try one. It was like magic and I easily let go of all my pacifier anxiety. Turns out my daughter ended up easily giving up her habit by the time she was six months old and then she switched to sucking her two fingers. Now I wish it was a pacifier that I could take away from her...it is going to be a lot more difficult getting her to stop sucking her fingers I am afraid! If any of you moms have some helpful tips for getting your kids to quit sucking fingers, thumbs, or pacifiers please share them here or on our facebook page!!! Again, pacifiers come in all shapes and sizes. My daughter liked the Soothies

best pacifiersbest pacifiers


that the hospital gave us so that is what we stuck with. We tried a cutsie plastic one with her name but she broke out in a rash around her mouth from it. So again, this is one of those purchases that you don't want to stock up on before the baby is born. See what the hospital gives you and go with that if it works. And who knows, your baby may not be interested at all.

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