June 16, 2011

Our Favorite Kids Stores- Puddle Jumper Shoes

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We love products created by moms for our families here at Mom's Shopping Engine. Founded by a mom of two girls who were in need of some cute but durable shoes with arch support and wide width options, Puddle Jumpers is one of those great companies. And it doesn't stop there, Puddle Jumpers donates a portion of its annual profits and products to orphanages in India, South America, Africa and China. If your child has a pair of shoes from Puddle Jumpers tell us about it here or on our Facebook site.
Here are some of our favorite picks:


These adorable light pink maryjanes adorned with ruffles come with 5 different colored slip-on flowers. One pair of shoes that coordinate with any outfit...what more could you ask for?


These cherry infant maryjanes with flowers are absolutely precious. Made entirely of leather with soft insides your baby will be comfortable and stylish all at the same time!

Why should girls have all the fun! These brown fisherman sandals are great for your little man on the go and are especially great for those little wide width feet.

Accessories for shoes? These couldn't get more cute! Choose from a wide variety of colors and shapes to mix and match with your child's mary janes. These smart accessories make your puddle jumpers even more versatile.

Polka dot puddle jumpers...polka dot puddle jumpers...try saying that three times really fast! These adorable boots will not disappoint your little one who will look absolutely precious prancing around in these mid-calf boots accentuated with pink polka dots.

If you are passing your love of footwear on to your child and adore this find then be sure to check out this review of Nori Boutique Designs here

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