May 07, 2011

Tricycle Buying Guide

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By Jodi Burnett

Shopping for a tricycle for your little one isn’t just about which model looks the best. Every tricycle has different features and is appropriate for different ages. When it comes to tricycles, one model is definitely better than the next depending on your child’s age and abilities. Following our guide below will help you weed out those that won’t work for your baby and help you find the perfect tricycle.

1. 12-23 Months--Almost as soon as your baby can sit up and crawl, they are ready to scoot. Ride on toys offer not only fun for toddlers, but a way to get around quickly, plus the need for balance aids in preparing them for walking. Children between the ages of 12 and 23 months benefit the most from a ride on toy that is low to the ground, requires their legs to push themselves, and with no pedals they need to maneuver. Get it Here


2. 2 Years—At two years old your child is interested in playing pretend and gathering and storing objects. Toys that they can ride inside and use their feet to push themselves are perfect for this age. Riding inside allows them to feel “big”, gives them a place for their found treasures, and helps them build strength in their legs for later pedaling.Get it Here

3. 3-4Years—Your preschooler is ready for pedals. They have the motor skills necessary to get the pedals going and the balance and steering abilities to safely ride. It may take a while for them to get used to it however; so a great option is a tricycle with a removable parental push bar. A seat-belt can also be purchased for this model.Get it Here

4. Shared play is also learned at this age, so for the preschooler with a friend, this tricycle built for two would be a blast!

5. If they have mastered pedaling this adjustable seat tricycle will grow with your child. A sturdy steel frame, easy to grasp handle bars, and low profile make this a great choice for ages two (if pedal ready) all the way to five years old. Throw in great looks and a 5 star rating and you have a winner.Get it Here

6. 5-6 years—Sometimes older kids need a tricycle too. Whether your younger child is tall for their age or your 5 year old just doesn’t quite have the balance yet, this Sky King tricycle will fit the bill. A cool retro vibe and cushioned seat make it both fun and comfortable.Get it Here

7. Ages 6 and up—An older child with special needs can enjoy a trike for their size and weight with these two models:

- The first is adaptable for children with low muscle tone. The dual axle drive minimizes resistance when pedaling and the back/trunk support relieves pressure on the upper body. Get it Here

- This amazing Team Dual tricycle is a great way for those with limited capabilities to ride side by side with a parent.
Have you found the perfect tricycle for your child? Send us an email (pictures always help) and let us know where you found it and the age of your child so we can let others know how amazing it is!
January 04, 2011


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