June 01, 2011

Fabulously Fresh Finds for Mom - Taga Bike Stroller

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If you are a bicycle enthusiast you are going to love Taga bikes! Inspired by Dutch bakfiets, or cargo bikes, the Taga takes the carrier bike one step further for families all over the globe. This vehicle has all the features of a bike and a stroller. In mere seconds (20 to be exact) the Taga goes from a safe, manuverable bike to a luxury stroller that can be easily navigated and even boarded on trains.

The 3 wheel design provides more safety and stability than normal bikes. This is a huge plus--I haven't even attempted to put a child seat on my bike because I am nervous about falling with my daughter in it. With this product that worry is gone.

To get started you need to purchase the basic configuration which includes the chassis and child seat.


From here the possibilities are endless! There are car seat adaptors, side bags, shopping baskets and a fun wooden double seat. You can even add a second seat for another child--this bike/stroller will definitely grow with your family.
The Taga is perfect for urban dwellers as this could literally replace a car. Go from stroller to bike on a whim and have room for packages and groceries as well. The Taga also folds compactly enough to fit in most trunks. All of this and you get a great workout--what more could you ask for?

Do you own a Taga or a bike seat that you love? Tell us about it here or on Facebook!

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