August 01, 2011

Our Fabulously Fresh Picks for Mom-05.18

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This week's fabulously fresh finds are sure to excite you and your little ones! Ranging from in utero to toddler years there is a pick for every kid this week! If you like this week's unique finds then be sure to check out past fab fresh finds here!

Kickbee will bring your baby into the social media world even before it is born! The Kickbee is a device that updates your Twitter account every time your baby kicks. There are vibration sensors enclosed in the stretchable band that is worn by the pregnant mother and every time movement is sensed it is analyzed by an application on your computer. The data is sent wirelessly from the sensors in the band to the computer. From here you can set it up to automatically update your Twitter account or push out text messages to mobile phones around the world with a "I kicked mommy!" message. To some this may seem like social media overload but for those whose spouses or families are miles away for work or other reasons this is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and feel the excitement of the baby's movement in real time.


The Aqua Otto four wheeler is great from those little ones from about ages 1 to 3 who are a little two young for their first traditional tricycle. Weighing only 2 pounds this 4-wheeler will get your child scooting in no time. Because of its simple design and light weight, the Otto scooter is easy to carry along on trips and its handle can be used to hang onto a stroller.
If you want more info on tricycle options and just when kids are ready to get riding developmentally, then check out this "Tricycle Buying Guide" article on the Mom's Shopping Engine:

Created by the Italian company called Adrenalina, the Op Baby chairs will draw your child's attention immediately. Soft and comfortable, yet with a unique and striking design these chairs are pretty cool. If you are looking for something different then the Op Baby chairs will not disappoint.

Last but definitely not least, the Villa Carton rocking chair is nothing but ordinary. Spark your children's imagination and let them decorate the chair themselves! The chair is made up of strong cardboard that will hold up to 40 kg and is intended for children 7 years and younger. Let their imaginations run wild as they decorate their personal rocking chair.

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