May 08, 2011

Baby Monitor and Alarm for only $2.99?

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This iPhone application  was created by parents for parents.  For $2.99 you get the functionality of a baby monitor plus added features that are pretty amazing.  So, if you haven't bought that baby monitor yet--check this out first because you may not have to.  Using this app as a monitor is easy as 1,2,3!  First open the app and press the start button.  Every time your baby makes a noise you can have the app automatically call the phone number you have entered.  So it is important to understand you will need a second phone in order for this to work.  There is also a pretty amazing activity log that you can access to see how many times and when your baby made noises in the night and you can even replay the noises!  There is even a mommy's voice function where you can record your voice or a lullaby to play for your baby to try and soothe him remotely.Lokking for an Iphone application for your toddler. Check out our favorite here.

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