May 07, 2011

Our Guide to Saving Money on Baby Gear (Part I) - How to Save On Diapers

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Tired of sifting through all your google searches to find deals on baby gear? This quick guide will give you a shortcut step in the bargain direction so you can start saving ASAP.

Diapers: Every baby needs them, yet no one likes paying the slowly escalating prices for them. Do you realize that every time your child moves up a size in disposable diapers, you get fewer diapers per package for the same price? Let's shave a few dollars per package off the top for you so you have a heavier wallet at the end of the year.

With a free membership to Amazon's mom centered email list, Amazon Mom, not only will you have updates on exclusive discounts on name brand diapers and baby products sent right to your email, but with the Subscribe and Save Delivery you receive 30% off diapers and wipes.

You can also save on bulk diapers at sites like They offer free 1-2 day shipping and free returns 365 days a year. New members receive 3 months of diapers at 30% off!

If you prefer picking up diapers at a brick and mortar store then coupon websites will help you save money. Here are some sites that we like for their easy to navigate coupon databases:

However, I have to say I stopped looking for diaper deals ever since I discovered Parents Choice!

I was a Pampers user for the first two months after my daughter was born and have tried a number of different brands (we all know Pampers are good, but pricey) A friend of mine, whose kids had very sensitive skin, recommended Parents Choice and I fell in love with the brand! They never leaked, my daughter never had a diaper rash and I just love the price and the free delivery from Wal-Mart. Try them and Im sure you will never look for a diaper deals or coupons anymore.


Don't believe me? Read what the other mommies think about Parent Choice here or simply Google it!

Another proof that cheap doesn't mean bad product! icon

The Part IIĀ of our Guide to Saving Money on Baby Gear can be found HERE.

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