About Us

Online shopping is supposed to be a fun experience, not one filled with the daunting task of sifting through hundreds of websites, searching for that perfect handmade product, uniquely tailored to your tastes. This was one military mom’s major dilemma. So, in 2011, she created the first online shopping engine designed specifically to help moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and anyone else to easily find the perfect children’s product. Focusing on handmade, boutique, unique and mom-invented products, Mom’s Shopping Engine curates every product you see on our website. Let us be your guide in bringing you the best of the best baby and children’s products, as well as providing you with timely reviews of the newest up and coming baby products, invented by parent just like you, editors picks of the greatest weekly products, informational and fun blog posts, and so much more!

Come and join us and simplify your shopping experience!


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: So what exactly is Mom's Shopping Engine? What Do You Sell?


A: Within our website, we actually don't sell anything! Our website bridges the gap between small business owners, and the parents who are seeking innovative and affordable children's products! Think of our website as an index, where we house the data from the small online boutiques, that would be otherwise hard to locate in a regular internet search. We make it easy for you to navigate your way to stylish children's clothing, high quality and innovative products!

When you find something of interest and you click the “Link to This Store” button on our website, you will be directed to the merchant's online shop, where you can find a more detailed description of the product, and you will ultimately be able to purchase it if you wish to.


Q: What kinds of products will I find on Mom's Shopping Engine?


A: You will without a doubt, find a variety like no other! The products that are featured on MomSE are handcrafted by parents just like you, and they are totally unique and one of a kind. You won't find these products sold by major online retailers, nor can you find these items in your local mall!

Q: Why Shop With Us? 

A: At Mom's Shopping Engine, we are constantly curating products from the best boutiques, small handmade stores and online shops that would likely take hours to find using a regular internet search. Each merchant you come across on our website is chosen and approved based upon careful review of their store, product designs, originality, and quality. You can trust that you will only find the highest quality products and stores indexed here on MomSE!


Our Team

Silviya Schimenti
Founder – Mom's Shopping Engine

Silviya is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for helping parents find the best deals on the most stylish, modern and unique products.
As a mom to two little girls, she knows how important spending time with a child is, nurturing their development and growth as a person. She realized that every parent's time is valuable, and they shouldn't have to waste hours upon hours online to find that perfect unique baby or children's product! That was when the idea for Moms Shopping Engine was conceived! A true one-stop-shop for finding all the latest and greatest unique, handmade and parent-invented products, saving parent's valuable time and energy.

In addition to Mom's Shopping Engine, Silviya is also an avid party planner, baker, and cookie decorator and amature photographer. You can see all of her party ideas, recipes and deliciously sweet cookie treats over at her other website; www.Kurabiiki.com or her photography at her Pixieset website 

Jennifer Corter

 Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom who spends her days chasing around the never-ending ball of energy that is her son. By night you can find her at her computer, drafting up her next great blog post about parenting with chronic illnesses. She is also an avid photographer and jewelry artisan.

She is the founder of the Fibromyalgia support website, www.fibro.me, where Fibromyalgia patients can go to gain support, learn how to advocate for themselves, and spread awareness of this still relatively unheard of condition.

Her work has appeared in local newspapers and publications, and she has also written for other parenting websites, such as WhatToExpect.com and ImperfectParent.com.